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Plant Products Quality Testing

Plant Products Quality Testing Laboratory (Division) controls grain quality of receivable, stored and sold for intervention purchase, of the state reserve as well as performs quality analysis of the plant varieties, annual cereals harvest and in case of arbitrage. Moreover, it analyses quality of the seeds, cereals and pulses, their products and oilseeds seeds submitted by agriculture entities, also issues national and ISTA certificates. 

Lithuania developed a network of grain analyzers with 129 devices for faster grain and their products quality assessment operating in various Lithuanian grain companies. The laboratory carries out regular supervision of the working of the network, improves application models and manages the network. 

Since 1993 the laboratory is accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) in order to implement quality assurance of the propagating material. Being a member of ISTA enables the laboratory to be responsible for quality assessment of the certified agricultural and vegetable seeds according to the ISTA certificates for plant varieties (scope of ISTA accreditation).

Since 2005 the laboratory is a member of the Grain & Feed Trade Association (GAFTA). Laboratory is  written in GAFTA Register of Approved Analysts, it attests the competence of the laboratory therefore tests results receive recognition in all foreign countries (search in GAFTA Register of Approved Analysts)

Plant Products Quality Testing Laboratory (Division) performs quality analyses of seeds, cereals and cereals products, oilseeds, some feedstuffs.



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Plant Products Quality Testing Laboratory (Division)


Ozo Str. 4A, LT-08200 Vilnius, phone +370 5 237 5631, fax. +370 5 273 0233,    e-mail: 


Position Name, surname Phone E-mail

Head of the Division

Rasita Kybartienė

+370 5 276 0341
+370 619 22059

Advisor of the Division

Deimantė Gedvilaitė

+370 5 237 5571




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