Main Activity

The purposes in activities:

Ensure phytosanitary control of plants, plant products and other regulated objects nationally, and also which are imported, exported and passing by transit;

Ensure control of imported, exported and supplied through market fresh fruits and vegetables in grading, packing centres and wholesale the conformity to trade standards requirements;

Ensure registration of plant protection products and implement their import, sale, storage, packaging-labelling and use control;

Perform control of genetically modified propagating material and genetically modified plants and plant products that are not intended for human food and animal feed monitoring and control in the internal market and at the border, as well as control of genetically modified risk crops;

Ensure the quality control of grains, propagating material and control of fertilizers;

Ensure plant varieties registration and their legal protection;

Within its competence to ensure the implementation of intervention measures;

Ensure quantity and quality control of food grain at state reserve;

Within its competence to participate by ensuring the safe and healthy food production chain.